Escape From Tomorrow is an evil film

There is an insidious message contained within this cinema cipher made by dumb people who think they’re deep, smart, and heavy. Sorry whoever the studio is behind the release of this thing, but the schtick is phony baloney. There is no way I believe that the Siemens corporation wasn’t ok with this getting out there. The story is that this was shot on the fly in Disneyworld, guerrilla style, and BIG SURPRISE, the big corp didn’t come down and stop it from being released. Don’t buy it. THE FILM ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW PROMOTES ESCAPE FROM YOUR LIFE. Because, of course, your life sucks. This is one of the tenets of a consumerist culture of fear and self loathing which perpetuates buying more dumb stuff nobody really needs.

It was a gross movie. In the end SPOILER ALERT the main guy escapes from his family and we’re supposed to be happy for him. The guy was the awful one, a leering potential pedophile and divided schmuck with no guts. We’re supposed to feel for him and then, finally, released and happy when we see him in fine threads, very much unlike his former schlubby self, with a beautiful wife and beautiful kids – the kind of beautiful we’re supposed to believe in and not the kind of beautiful that’s really there – running through the park as the teens he had oogled turn out to be Tinkerbell-like fairies who were trying  to save him all along. Perhaps that’s why he was attracted to them – for they held for him the promise of what he could truly be, not because he was a total creep. Sorry, but no..

The message is clear: do not look within. Keep striving for the Siemens carrot. Look and act like movie stars and you’ll be happy. If you can’t, then there is no escape for you from all today’s hopeless tomorrows.

Escape From Tomorrow is an evil film, dummy mind control disguised as escapism.

They Destroy Them After I Shoot There






I have this strange thing that follows me around wherever I go. I find a great shooting location, then I shoot there, and then people come along and tear it down or build something in its place.

There was a cool vacant lot in my neighborhood where I shot a quick scene for my latest opus KRIMI. Top is what it looks like in the movie. Bottom is what’s going on today. Hope it’s not condos! Blech!

The Soil, The Earth, Water, And Air

Having a kid has vastly altered my time space continuum but I did make it out to see Jodorowsky’s Dune. The big takeaway was, shoot high and if you fail don’t let it bug you. My dream is to turn people on to no-fi filmmaking. This has already happened in music via amazing no tech recordings by The Breeders, Guided By Voices, R.L. Burnside, John Fahey, and Pussy Galore, among many others. I want to do this via the moving picture medium. So far, it’s not really happening. Most seem to be stuck in the same locale Hollywood has already put them in. But I don’t care. Going to keep doing what I do and preaching the gospel whether or not anybody listens. I can plant the seeds but the roots are gonna grow depending on the soil, the earth, water, and air.

Slap Dash For No Cash

Those are the movies I like! I don’t buy that money is the root of all evil, just as I don’t buy the idea that one needs lots of money to wear cool clothes, make great movies, or to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. The global economic culture is a ferociously voracious game. It’s dumb to play by those rules.

Those who control the money motions of the world cynically use art as a tool for selling things to people. It is a sad thing when something which can enlighten is short shifted and abused for the lowest common denominator. That’s like killing someone with a hammer.

Once bankable big name directors must resort to crowd funding to get their projects off the ground because producers with big cash caches won’t give them money. If it can’t compete with the new zillion dollar super peep du jour flick, it’s not going to get funded.

Some low budget indie auteurs complain that when big name die rectors use crowd funding, they are taking money away from the underdog. But why does the underdog need money to make a great movie? I got my Fisher Price camera for less than thirty bucks. And it looks way better than the overhyped and overpriced digital Bolex in my humble opinion. And the files are .avi files, files for the people.

What matters is what happens in front of the camera. Use your friends for actors. They are free. Go to the cool locations in your neighborhood, shoot fast and get the heck out of there. Make a killer set out of stuff from the Rebuilding Center in your own backyard. The options are limitless. If Hollywood can make a lousy stinker for zillions of dollars, then you can make a striking work of art for no money whatsoever. Shut up and go do it. Prove the sacks of cash wrong.


Another EFFing Great Fest


l-r Kenny Reed, Mike Brady, Deron Williams, Bob Moricz, photo Irina Beffa

In an article Hannah Piper Burns, co-founder of Experimental Film Festival Portland, compares it to summer camp. Last year I met and became fans of some amazing motion picture artists. When the festival was over I felt inspired and not so alone in my mad science lab doing my darnedest to make the world a better place through moving images.

Irina, the kid, and I went to a phenomenal screening yesterday at the Clinton Street Theater where I got a chance to chew the fat with a few of the filmmakers I met and became fans of last year. Again, feeling refreshed and inspired.