As actor

Scoop (2012. Newscaster.)
“It was a challenge delivering an earpieced-in fifteen minute monologue three different ways in the space of an hour for this video installation by Dustin Zemel. I got to do a big freak out and that’s always my specialty!”

Supernatural (2011. Roy Sorenson.)
“It was easy for me to channel the homeless substitute teacher who may or may not have murdered one of his elementary school students. My years in the public high school sector prepared me for this.” Written and directed by Jeff Guay.

Coven Of The Heathenites (2009. Himself.)
Another cool George Kuchar video diary. Watch it.

Principia (2009. Sr. Roboto.)
“There is something all right with the world when you get to have a character with this name on your list of credits. Another fine piece from Jeff Guay about apocalypse, redemption, birth, death, and madness.”

Te En Video (2009. Himself.)
This is a Spanish documentary about underground filmmakers made by Victor Olid. Other filmmakers featured are Jesus Franco, J.R. Bookwalter, Damon Packard, George Kuchar, Naxo Fiol, Carlos Atanes, Andy Rodriguez, Diego Lopez, and Dani Moreno. Watch trailer.

Don’t Worry It’s A New Millenium (2009. Naked Man Running With Playstation.)
“Probably my most challenging and liberating role. There is something sort of transcendent about running naked down a strip of densely populated urban landscape. Some guys asked me for directions. Jeff Guay wrote and directed this surreal piece of absurdia. He’s a good friend, so I was glad to do it.”

All I Ever Think About Is Death (2008. Dentist.)
There is something all right with the world when you have a movie with a title like this on your list of credits. I also love playing dentists and doctors. I feel a strong connection to this one because it very accurately captures a feeling I’ve felt a more than a few thousand times. Watch it.

Camera Tricks: This is George Kuchar (2008. Himself.)
Ronaldo Barbachano was shooting a short documentary about the George Kuchar class experience on the day I was there for Queen Conga, so you can see me applying Linda Martinez’s makeup. I think his camera was broken so he had to use some sort of extreme wide screen lens. Watch it.

Happy Birthday Bob: Behind the Stains (2006. Himself.)
“Damian Sol and Sarah Felts put together this half hour documentary about the making of my shot in a day on my birthday histrionic hellanovela PALACE OF STAINS. I am so glad they shot this thing because the stress of shooting a feature in one day was pretty intense and I had no time to stop and smell the roses.”

Queen Conga (2006. Orgiast.)
“I met my good friend and star of many a BM A/V Ian Sundahl on the set of this George Kuchar class production. It is also always a pure joy working with the inimitable Linda Martinez. You can read about what lead up to her telling me I have a nice package here. You can see a clip here.

Cinema Insomnia Presents Santo Vs. The Vampire Women (2005. Dr. Loco.)
This was so much fun! As a big fan of Mr. Lobo, it was a true pleasure appearing as his luchador masked horror host nemesis Dr. Loco. Also, a scantily clad nurse massaged my shoulders for most of my segment. You can see the full episode here.

Interview (2003. Job Interviewer.)
I did not do a very good job memorizing a high volume of dialogue which paved the way for a fairly amusing special feature on the DVD release of this Woodland Independent Films production. A really great, surreal piece of writing and film making. Watch it.

Phantom of the Pine Barrens (1998. Student Protester.)
George Kuchar invited me to studio 8 at the San Francisco Art Institute to participate in the making of this class film. It was a huge thrill for me to witness firsthand the goings on during the production of a GK psychotronic teleplay. What a very happy day. You can see a clip here.

Bear With Me (1999. Prosecuting Attorney.)
“I play a sleazy lawyer with a pencil mustache in this one. Had to wear it for a month or so and looked really gross. Had a job interview which I totally didn’t get because of the aforementioned facial hair.”

From here down, all movies are written and directed by San Francisco filmmaker Maxwell Abbacowe.

Underdeveloped (1999. Love.)
“An allegorical group therapy session where I play Love.”

The General Quality Of Life On The Planet Earth Should Improve Within The Next Few Moments (1999. Mr. Rain-And-Floodwater.)

Grandmother Wolf (1996. Wolf.)
“I got to wear wolf makeup and grandma drag in this fine Maxwell Abbacowe short. Performing archetypal roles are always nice. You get to try on a new suit made from human memory.”

Dream Analysis Man (1993. Mountain Dog.)
“I played a Cain type character. I remember doing a ridiculous job hamming up a scene where I kill my brother. Lots of shameless mugging and physical contortion which the director wisely kept out of the frame.”